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Call on our firm to assist you in these tasks, which can be time-consuming and demanding.


We work closely with you to analyze your needs and objectives in order to be able to offer you the best legal form(s) for your particular situation.


This is an important step for a company so let our team guide you through these transactions.


We ensure that your trademarks are protected and valued in both Canada and the United States of America.


Mediation is a negotiation between opposing parties conducted by a neutral and impartial mediator. We will help facilitate a realistic and mutually agreed upon outcome.


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Tasks relating to corporate secretariat can be time-consuming and demanding. It is therefore an ideal field to call on our firm to assist you in these tasks.

For example, we can ensure the internal management of your company from its incorporation and, if necessary, until its dissolution.

We can also take charge of updating your minute books and keeping the files that make up your company. Please note that, by law, all companies must keep minute books containing the following information in particular:

  • its articles of association
  • the rules of procedure
  • all shareholder agreements
  • the minutes of meetings
  • shareholder resolutions
  • the names and domiciles of the directors
  • securities registers


Although starting your business may seem easy in some ways, a lawyer can be very helpful in defining and working through specific elements, such as incorporation.

At Talhaoui Avocat, we work closely with you to properly identify your needs and objectives. As such, we will be able to offer the best legal form(s) according to your particular situation. This can take several forms, such as a corporation, a general partnership, an undeclared partnership, a limited partnership or a cooperative.

Finally, we will also take care of the drafting of partnership agreements, internal by-laws and other documents required to start up your business.

Our services related to the incorporation of a company include, among others:

  • Filing articles of incorporation
  • Obtaining Certificates of Incorporation (federal and provincial)
  • Organizational resolutions (directors)
  • The subscription letter
  • Form 45–106 on Prospectus and Registration Exemptions
  • Share certificates
  • Further organizational resolutions (shareholders)
  • The appointment of directors
  • Directors’ resolutions and appointment of officers
  • The securities register, shareholders register, register of directors and officers, and the register of transfers.
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Mohamed Talhaoui Avocat can meet your needs in the purchase and sale of businesses. Indeed, it is often an important step for a company, so let our team assist you during such transactions.

In particular, we can take care of pre-purchase due diligence, the preparation of closing agendas and documents, sales contracts or corporate authorizations required to validate the transaction.

Our services in the area of mergers, acquisitions and sale of businesses include, among others:

  • The memorandum of understanding
  • The nondisclosure agreement
  • Pre-purchase due diligence
  • Corporate authorizations
  • Sales contracts
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Updating the minute book
  • Legal publications


As far as your trademarks are concerned, we ensure that they are protected and valued in both Canada and the United States of America. We advise you on the strategic choices you need to make. We are also able to conduct availability searches, draft and file applications for registration, follow up on your files until they are registered, and draft your assignment, licensing and other relevant contracts.

Our services in trademark matters include, among others:

  • The application for registration of trademarks
  • Trademark transfer agreement
  • Trademark Licence Agreement
  • Trademark Renewal
  • Merger Notice
Business Lawyer Montreal


Business Lawyer Montreal

Mediation is a method of amicable dispute resolution. It is also a means of preventing disputes and involves the active participation of the parties in the entire process.

Generally speaking, mediation is a negotiation between the opposing parties conducted by a neutral and impartial mediator. The mediator’s role is to facilitate the achievement of a realistic result that is accepted by the parties. The mediator does not impose a solution or provide legal advice on points of law relating to the dispute. His or her role is limited to guiding the parties through an elaborate process towards a solution that the parties themselves will choose. Through his or her mediation techniques, the mediator will “Rationalize” the dispute in order to reach common ground and reconcile the parties’ points of view regarding the identification of common interests and finding an appropriate “Solution”.

Mediation is by far the preferred process for citizens seeking speed, efficiency and looking to save time and energy.

Parties may seek the services of a mediator as soon as they suspect a risk of litigation and have reasonably inquired about the points of fact and law related to the case.

The mediation process may make use of information and communication technologies where the parties are geographically distant from each other or from the mediator, and cannot easily travel to the mediator’s premises to physically participate in a mediation session.

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